Ever since my girlfriend Belén and I visited the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway on our bikes in the summer of 2017, we’ve fallen in love with these beautifully diverse, spectacular islands and their nature, people and unique outdoor infrastructure. The Norwegians take being outside more seriously than anyone else…! So, in honour of our love for this place, we’re excited to announce our very first photography workshop. Will you join us for an epic northern light-filled trip that’ll make you fall in love with this place as much as us? Read further to let us convince you!


Trip Logistics

Room Occupancy:

All rooms are based on double occupancy with separated single beds. The participants will be paired up according to gender (unless preferred otherwise). Single room supplement is 750€ (only 2 rooms available)

Price of trip

1500€ per person or 1400€ per person non refundable

Payment by bank transfer is preferred.
Payment by PayPal: +3,6% fee.

Registration deposit: 

500€ for reservation (full payment required at least 80 days prior to the trip; December 6th, 2018)


February 24th – March 2nd (7 days, 6 nights)


Bodø Fergekai, February 24th 2019 - no later than 12:00pm


Sørvagen, March 2nd 2019 - ferry to Bodø leaves at 7:30am

Group Size:

Maximum of 7 participants


Lofoten Planet Basecamp (Sørvagen)


What’s included?

  • Return ticket for Ferry between Bodø and Moskenes

  • Transportation all around the Lofoten Islands

  • All meals included from dinner day 1 - breakfast day 7

  • Accommodation at Lofoten Planet for 6 nights

  • Hands-on photography lessons

  • Workflow & editing courses

What’s not included?

  • Airfare to/from Bodø

  • Transfer from Bodø airport to Bodø ferry

  • Insurance of any kind

  • Drinks 

  • Visa



  • Meet your guide in Bodø Fergekai before boarding the ferry to the Lofoten Islands

  • Briefing on the trip and exchanging interests and goals

  • Dinner together at Lofoten Planet, which will become our basecamp during the trip

  • Potential northern lights, like every evening



  • Day hike to Munbeku hut and if conditions allow for it, Munken. 

  • We will take lunch with us and enjoy warm tea at the top

  • Dinner will be served at Lofoten Planet and we will have our first training session: workflow and journey planning



  • Slow drive towards Fredvang with stops at the most iconic beaches and classic Norwegian rorbu. 

  • Small hike to the famous Caribbean looking beach of Kvalvika where we will enjoy a ‘on the go’ warm meal

  • Hike back to the car and drive to Uttakleiv beach to capture and enjoy sunset there

  • Dinner in Leknes and northern lights scouting evening



  • Slow drive to Haukland beach with iconic stops on the way

  • Hike to Mannen from where we will enjoy spectacular views of the coastline at sunset

  • Dinner in Leknes and an evening experience at a Norwegian sauna from where we might be able to catch the northern lights



  • Early breakfast as we prepare the drive to Reinfjord, where we will be taking photos of the traditional fisherman’s red cabins in Sakrisoy

  • After lunch we will prepare to hike up to Ryten, where (if we are lucky) we can catch a spectacular sunset and blue hour looking down at Kvalvika beach

  • Dinner in Ramberg and northern light scouting



  • Early breakfast to take the ferry from Reine to Vinstad, where we will see sunrise

  • We get to roam around a ‘hidden’ beach called Bunes and look for the abandoned cabin. 

  • Ferry back to Reine for one last walk and session around the islands

  • Pancake dinner at Lofoten planet as we keep an eye for northern lights



Early wake up call & breakfast to then catch the ferry back to Bodø. From there you can fly back home… or somewhere else in Norway!


What to bring (wear / gear)

The Lofoten Islands are located in the Artic Circle but thanks to the warm Gulf Stream the temperatures are not as harsh. Expect temperatures during the day to be close to 0°C and around -5°C at night. Actually, clear skies usually mean colder temperatures but also a great opportunity to see the northern lights!



  • Camera equipment (DSLR or mirrorless with manual control of shutter speed, aperture and ISO + liveview)

  • Wide angle lens for landscapes (anything ranging from 14mm – 34mm full frame) ; standard zoom (24-70mm). Potentially a tele-zoom (150mm +) if you have one.

  • Headlamp or torch

  • Sturdy tripod for the Arctic winds

  • Laptop for editing, with Adobe Lightroom CC installed (at least the trial version)

  • Chargers. Enough memory cards

  • Rain covers

  • Thermo bottle

  • Any medical drugs you may require (there is no pharmacy on this part of the islands)


  • Comfortable clothing with several layers (dress like an onion, layer by layer). If you’re getting cold, put on another layer. If you’re getting warm, take one off. Merino wool layer (or substitute) is recommended.

  • Waterproof pants and jacket

  • Warm jacket and socks

  • Waterproof boots good for hiking

  • Warm gloves + warm beanie

  • Casual clothing for indoors

  • Back pack for hiking



What will you learn

  • Image composition

  • Post- processing in Lightroom

  • Workflow and creating a story

  • Northern lights + night photography

  • How to plan your own adventure


Fitness Level

This trip is recommended for active people as we will be hiking/walking on the snow every day for a few hours. We will be able to use crampons to help us on the snow and walking sticks for who might need them. The cool thing about this is that we will probably be alone on every single hike as other tours and tourists barely leave their parking spot. But remember that the hiking trips will fully depend on the weather conditions.



Weather in the Lofoten Islands can be unpredictable and rough, which means we can’t guarantee we will be able to do all the hikes as conditions could be dangerous and our safety at risk. Also, the Lofoten Islands are one of the best located places in the world to see the northern lights, but it is never guaranteed, we need cloud-free skies and solar activity to see them, so keep that in mind and let’s hope we get lucky!


Cancellation & refund policy

We ask for the payment in full 80 days prior to the workshop starting date (December 6th, 2018 at the latest). Those purchasing through the special promo price (1400€) accept a non refundable cancelation term at any given time.

For those purchasing trip with the refundable cancellation policy, then if you cancel after December 2nd and the workshop can be filled anyway after your cancellation, we will refund you the full amount you have paid, minus a 300€ service charge. If you cancel and the workshop does not fill, then you will be refunded according to the following schedule:

  • Cancellation in between December 6th (2018) and December 25th, 2018: 70% refund

  • Cancellation in between December 25th (2018) and January 25th, 2019: 50% refund

  • Cancellation after January 25th, 2019: no refund