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The Wild East



In June and July of 2018, Belén and I cycled the famed Pamir Highway, after a challenging ride through Kyrgyzstan. Half a year earlier, an idea for a video popped into my mind, and ever since I tried to collect all the needed material - which is now finally complete. By meeting over 60+ cyclists on our way through the Pamirs, and gaining perspective into WHY people are traveling by bicycle, I was able to finish the video I'd dreamt of presenting to you, and those who wish to do their own bicycle tour. Whatever you do, it's always possible.



Last January, Belén, my brother Oliver and I cycled across Portugal from Porto to Faro. A near 1000km journey, executed in little less than a month, to discover Portugal's rich culture, foods, landscapes and, of course, bicycle infrastructure. We were surprised, on all of the above, by finding a country that, besides a still thriving petrol-car (and cigarette smoking) culture, contains some of the more beautiful trail systems we've seen in Europe - as well as delicious coffee, an emerging understanding of the environment and some of the greenest bike-friendly hotels of the continent. Watch to find out more!

About me

My name is Tristan Bogaard, I’m from a small and artsy town called Bergen, in the Netherlands. Having grown up in a country where bicycles are a norm instead of something unusual, I’ve always been fond of cycling. But it wasn’t until the summer of 2014 that I found out cycling could be so much more than just commuting. After my first long-distance bicycle tour from New York to Los Angeles, I knew it was something I wanted to do for a very long time. Just six months later, I was back in the saddle. And ever since April 2015, I’ve traveled Europe on two wheels in a search for the most impressive, dramatic and awe-inspiring landscapes.

Funnily enough you won’t see the sheer sweat, tears and climbing time that sometimes went into a picture, but you may enjoy the outcome of it. For me, the gratification of having reached these locations on my own strength, is a (tiring) inspiration to keep on going.

I’d like to invite you along my rides and hope you’ll enjoy what I’ve seen out there. 


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